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Create a Visual Family Motivational Board

I seriously can not believe that the year is coming to an end already. It just went by so fast. We are hoping the new year will be kind to us. So at our last family meeting of the year we decided it would be nice to create a Family Motivational Board to help keep us motivated to achieve our goals set for the new year. It was a fun activity to do for kids and adults alike. This is a great activity for all families to do as as a way of growing closer together.

So why should my family have a visual motivational board?

Typically this time of the year everyone starts to set resolutions. So, what can families do to invite abundance into the year ahead? Well, I have read many studies that have shown the power of visualization over and over again. 

I read about an psychologist who conducted studies on a group of people who completed visual workouts in their heads. He found that it increased muscle strength by 30% which was almost half as much as the participants who went to the gym. 

Research also shows that if you visualize something that you want to happen it’s more likely to happen. Now, don’t get me wrong if you visualize going to Italy your not going to go to Italy just because you visualize it you have to visualize as well as act, meaning you much research and save.

Now does that sound like something you would like to do with your family? If it does but your not sure how to start follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way:

1. Set family and individual goals to put on the board

Depending on the ages of your children, you can make individual boards or one shared family board.Weopted for the family board because I want to my children to learn that as a family we can overcome any and all things that come our way. 

By having the visual motivational board we are hoping that seeing a concrete manifestation of our families dreams we help make them a reality. I instructed my children to think about the upcoming year and pick at the least 3 goals (1 academic, 1 travel and 1 personal).  My husband and myself choose 1 work related, 1 travel and 1 personal.

2. Pick out some motivational quotes

We got our motivational quote from, Wall Addict, they have so many quotes to choose from. I recommend you stop by and check them out. If you don’t see something you like you can request it and they will make it for you. We looked through the Wall Addict website and picked quotes that spoke to the kids. They liked this because they were able to connect with the quote and it will motivate them throughout the year because they have a connection with the quotes they selected.

3. Get pictures to go along with your goals

You can find pictures in magazines or online.The more magazines you have, the better. If you don’t have any magainze you can ask your friends for old issues or post on a neighborhood board. There are more magazines out there than you and your family could possibly use, however the trick is finding them. Another option is  to have your kids draw their pictures. It is totally up to you. You want to select something that speaks to you.

4. Creating the board

Once, you have all the items you need it’s time for the fun to begin! We started by gluing all our quotes to some poster boards. Next, we began to arrange the goals and pictures on a large sheet of construction paper. Organize them the way you want and then once your board looks the way you want it to look you can begin to glue it together. We had fun putting all our ideas and goals together.

5. Display the board

Hang it where you see it often and the collages will serve as reminders and incentive — beaches and sandcastles and palm trees waving out of the corner of your eye.

Having a Visual Motivational Board is a visual promise of possibility

This project is an ongoing activity it changes along with you throughout the year.  We are hoping it is something the whole family will  love to come back to and update it. Hoping it goe well for us this year with our visual motivational board. I am hoping it is something that we love working on together as a family.