Brett Keisel arrives to training camp on a tractor

Keisel arrived at camp today.

Click the link under the main video for Players Move In, after you watch his interview.

Also, keep an eye out for April O’Neil and The Show at training camp next Thursday sporting their BB&G shirts. Photo from @MarkKaboly_Trib  on  Twitter.


RGIII will not play in the AFC North

The Rams said they were going to trade the number 2 overall pick to the highest bidder and they appear to have done so.  The Washington Redskins have jumped in and given St. Louis their next 3 first round picks and a second round pick this year.  The Rams have just made their future […]

The AFC North is the Best Division in the NFL this Year

The AFC North has taken the crown of the best division in the NFL this season.  There is no other division that even comes close to comparing.  The AFC North had the most wins as a division.  Between the Steelers, Bengals, Browns and Ravens it totals 37.  The only other division that comes close to […]

AFC North Puts Three Teams in the Playoffs

The AFC North put three teams in the playoffs this year.  The Ravens won the division and got the number 2 overall seed.  The Steelers and Bengals picked up the two wild card slots.  The Steelers in fifth and the Bengals in sixth.  Here are the playoff seedings for the AFC.


New England Patriots […]

AFC North Leads the Way with 14 Pro Bowl Selections

The AFC North put out 14 Pro Bowl selections for the 2012 AFC roster.  There were 5 Steelers, 7 Ravens, and one Bengal and Brown.  That is the largest number of entries out of any division tying the NFC North for best overall in the NFL.

Here are the Pro Bowlers from the AFC North.


Must Win for Steelers Against Bengals this Weekend

It is not often you say this but the Steelers must win versus the Bengals this weekend.  The Bengals are number one in the division right now.  They are also number one in the conference.  The Steelers need to win this game to keep their hopes of winning the division alive.  The scary part is […]

This Weekend in the AFC North

With the Steelers being off this week I decided to watch as many other games as I could.  The more I watched the better I felt.  The division is turning out mostly as expected.  Baltimore has the division lead and Cleveland is bringing up the rear.  Nothing out of the ordinary for the division.

Baltimore […]

BB&G Week 4 Power Rankings

Here at BB&G the five of us decided we wanted to join in on the Power Ranking fun!  There were quite a few upsets this week in the NFL.  Some teams finally got their first wins (Browns) some teams learned they made some free agency mistakes (Eagles) and some just let a perfect record slip […]

Steelers lead AFC North

The Steelers are in first place in the AFC North even without their starting quarterback.  At 2-0 the Steelers have a one game lead heading into Tampa Bay.  A game we definitely can win.  If we go to 3-0 it would be a huge boost while getting ready for Roethlisberger’s return.

AFC North

Pittsburgh     2-0

Cincinnatti    […]

Notes from Around the AFC North

After watching the games over the weekend I saw some surprises and some things that I think can help us out through the year.   There are some glaring things that can be addressed when going against everyone in the AFC North.  There are also some scary things that could hurt us.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns […]

I’m Sorry-How Many Elite QBs in the AFC North?

Last week I was reading the AFC North Blog on ESPN, like I do most mornings and came across this little blurb about how Carson Palmer and Joe Flacco are supposed to be two of the elite quarterbacks this year in the AFC. The actual list was put together by John Clayton, who has probably […]

AFC North All-Criminal Team: Defense & Special Teams

"I forgot 'Lost' is on tonite and I didn't set the DVR!"

As promised, here is the part two of the AFC North All-Criminal Team.   I think this is shaping up to be quite a talented football team.  Though, the defensive unit is not quit as well rounded as the offense.  While I have […]

AFC North All-Criminal Team: Offense

Donte attempting to get out of wearing a "new uniform."

Recently, players in the AFC North have been making the news a lot, and it’s not for their smash mouth football.  Over the last couple of months, Shaun Rogers (DT-Cleveland) tried to take a loaded gun through airport security, Santonio Holmes […]