Kevin Colbert says Wallace will not be traded

Rumors have been flying from all around of whether or not Mike Wallace would be traded.  Since the signing of Antonio Brown the other day there was a question as to whether or not Wallace would be with the Steelers this upcoming season.  Well it seems as if that question has been answered.  Kevin Colbert says no to that option.

“Mike Wallace is not available for trade.”

Wallace is still a valuable option for this team.  Colbert knows that but he also knows that the team has all the leverage.  Wallace can hold out until week 10 and become an unrestricted free agent but he will lose money by doing that.  He still will be available to be franchise tagged by the team at the end of the season.  Wallace is not going to be able to make his decision next year either.  It is up to the team what Wallace is going to get to do.  He should start playing nice because the team has all the power.

Colbert may say that Wallace is not up for auction but he will not turn away calls.  Colbert is one of the best GMs in the business.  He will not turn away a big deal if one comes up.  He will do his due diligence on the subject. If someone comes in with an offer he can not refuse then Wallace will be for sale but as of right now he is not on the market.

Ed Bouchette believes the Steelers would not get much more then a fourth round pick for Wallace if he was traded.  If that was the case then the Steelers should keep Wallace this year and let him leave next year.  That will give them a 3rd round compensatory pick most likely. That is always up in the air though.  I do agree with Ed though on the fact that it would be best for both sides.

I believe Bouchette is wrong in this instance.  He is comparing to Santonio Holmes.  That is a horrid comparison.  Holmes was going to be suspended and the Steelers just wanted to be rid of him.  That is not the case with Wallace.  He is a top talent.  Going off of trades in the last few years you should get much more for Wallace then a fourth round pick.  That is just a joke.

Recent trades involve Anquan Boldin and Brandon Marshall.  Boldin got a big contract and was traded for a third and a fourth round pick.  Brandon Marshall has been traded twice.  He brought in 2 second round picks plus a big contract to Miami.  Then when traded to Chicago he brought in two third round picks and the Bears still have to pay out Marshall’s big contract.  So what Ed is saying does not make sense.  Wallace is better then both of these guys.  So he should not be traded for less than a second if not more.

This situation is going to get sticky.  Wallace does not want to give in and the Steelers will not back down.  It could get worse before it gets better.