PITT Officially Joins the ACC

The Pittsburgh Panthers and Syracuse have officially joined the ACC.  They make the 13th and 14th school to join the division.  This is a step up in the football world but it may be a lateral step in the basketball world.  The ACC wants to create a 16 team league.  The 2 other schools they […]

PITT Applies to Join ACC

The Pittsburgh Panthers have applied to join the ACC.  The team wants to leave the Big East and head to a conference that is more respected around the nation.  No one shows the Big East any love and the move could be good for the Panthers in football.

This just shows you how important football […]

Mike Rice Moves to Rutgers

Former Pitt assistant Mike Rice continued his rapid rise through the collegiate ranks by reportedly accepting the position of the head coach of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights today.  Rice is set to replace Fred Hill, a man who NJ.com called “the biggest disappointment in school history” which is truly saying something at a school whose […]